Cinema Release of "Anomalie" - a film by Richard Wilhelmer

How real is our individual perceived reality and to what relevance does this question have within the make-up of our collective social structures?

A set of agreed upon arrangements underpin our modern economies and societies by the mechanism of standardization. What role do such standards play in our communal life? There simply exists no standard for truth.

We are proud to announce the cinema release of “Anomalie” in Austria. Sold out cinema halls and overwhelming feedback! Nationwide in Austrias cinemas from 7th march - 25th of may!

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Beluga @ The Near Future Summit in Zürs

Beluga has been invited to join the Near Future Summit 2019 in Zürs along with Austrias top managers and business influencers. Four days of insightful talks, inspiring meetings and get togethers at the Zürserhof Hotel in the Austrian alps.

Changing leadership culture on a global scale

Thank you for this challenging, open and inspiring process with Jovoto. Together we challenged the leadership culture in a multinational blue chip company. Over the course of one year we conducted a global study to gather insights, developed relevant communication content , created and produced a global employee branding campaign. What a ride!

Opening Public Face Hafencity Hamburg

From November 2018, “Imagine the City” will complement urban development in HafenCity with several long-term projects that will occupy various locations.

The first project reacts directly to urban space: what is the mood like in HafenCity? The sculpture “Public Face” by the artists Julius von Bismarck, Benjamin Maus and Richard Wilhelmer on the Kibbelstegbrücke bridge gives answers: the seven-meter-high smiley made of steel and neon tubes is connected to security cameras in public space via a software and reflects people's collective feelings in real time.

Selected Press Releases:
Die Welt (print)
Hamburger Abendblatt (print)
NDR Nachrichten (TV)
Die Zeit (print)

Der Stern (print)


Public Face @ Hafencity Hamburg

Ab November 2018 begleitet Imagine the City die Stadtentwicklung in der HafenCity und beschreitet neue Wege der Kulturproduktion und ihrer Vermittlung. Künftig besetzen mehrere langfristig angelegte Projekte frei zugängliche Orte und stellen deren vorgesehener Nutzung andere, unerwartete Anwendungen gegenüber.

Das erste Projekt reagiert direkt auf den urbanen Raum: Wie ist die Stimmung in der HafenCity? Die Skulptur Public Face der Künstler Julius von Bismarck, Benjamin Maus und Richard Wilhelmer auf der Kibbelstegbrücke zeigt es uns: Das sieben Meter hohe Smiley aus Stahl und Neonröhren ist über eine Software an Sicherheitskameras im öffentlichen Raum gekoppelt und spiegelt die kollektive Gefühlslage der Menschen in Echtzeit wieder.


We’re proud to announce another new Beluga team member: Lena Nagl.

Lena is the latest addition to the Beluga Team. The native Austrian studied Psychology in the UK and holds a Master of Research from the University of Sussex.

Lena is experienced in various qualitative methods. Her approach is to integrate different research methods to support each other. Her academic experience steams from working on projects with adolescents with autism spectrum disorder and in education. She further developed her research and consultancy skills at the Universal Music Group’s Insights Team in Berlin where she supported the marketing and artist management.

Lena is an active volleyball player and finds her relaxation in baking and cooking Austrian favourites by top secret recipes from her grandma. She also enjoys going out with friends in her Kreuzberg neighbourhood.


“Starting this exciting new adventure at the same time as Beluga has arrived in their new office in the heart of Kreuzberg seems to be a perfect timing. As a new addition to the Beluga team, I’m looking forward to working on a wide range of projects to help developing successful and innovative ideas.“

“Fake Star” at NRW Forum Düsseldorf

Alternative facts, fake news and policy conspiracy theories are shaping our society in the 20th century. The joint art project of Beluga Founder Richard Wilhelmer with Julius von Bismarck and Benjamin Maus calls attention to the power of conspiratorial narrative in the group exhibition "Im Zweifel für den Zweifel" of various prestigious artist like Olafur Eliasson and Juliane Herrmann at NRW Forum Düsseldorf. A fake star above the museum, surveillance technologies, imitations and other exhibits are shown to the audience, while the visitors need to find their orientation in the exhibition. The Fake Star reflects the effects of the post-factual age and our collective understanding of truths. In the digital age, facts are credible if the majority of people in one’s social environment agree on it. That means even the assertion of the existence of a fake star can be seen as a real part of the sky and question the stars themselves while they become an active part of the work of art. The exhibition will be shown from the 21st September- 18th November 2018 at NRW Forum Düsseldorf.

Defining the Next Decade (Panel)

Richard Wilhelmer sharing his thoughts about cultural and technological transformation in Berlin on an exciting panel with IXDS co-founder Reto Wattach and Ramzi Rizk the founder EyeEM. Thank you Maxwell Kangkolo & Benjamin Mateev for the kind invitation and Sebastian Sese (Manager @ Co-Creation Loft) for the great moderation!


Beluga announces a new acquisition of great talent

We’re very happy to announce that Lukas just started at our new office in Kreuzberg and that he chose us for his new career after he received his Master in Corporate & Business Communication (Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftskommunikation/ GWK) from the renowned University of Arts in Berlin (UdK Berlin).

During his studies he was working for the consultancy Rlevance where he gained experience in service design, customer centric innovation and Design Thinking methods. Recently, he organized a large co-creating event to generate ideas for co-creative spaces (, where he used qualitative research methods in workshop group settings and combined the results with desk research for the topic „building spaces for co-creative working“.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management at the Ruhr University, he was working in the marketing department of the New Balance Germany Team, where he was responsible for online and lifestyle marketing. He also gained experiences in PR at the agency Styleheads where he was working as a freelancer in communication and online marketing.

„I’m happy to start my next journey with the young and dynamic team at Beluga. Being part of the new office, an awesome atmosphere and interesting projects, it is the best arrangement for having fun at work. Our new office at Planufer in Kreuzberg is the perfect place for that.“  

If not at work, you can meet Lukas in the streets of Kreuzkölln hanging out at arts & cultural events or enjoy relaxed evenings at the bars around as well as doing Football, Basketball, Kickboxing or Fitness. Originally born in Braunschweig he lived in various cities and traveled a lot around the globe; be it studying in Sydney, backpacking in Asia, road tripping in South Africa or surfing in Portugal - every journey teaches him a new way of dealing with life and interacting with people from all over the the world.

Beluga @ BIFEX 2018 - The Beirut International Franchise Forum and Exhibition

Beluga Founder Edwin Strauss speaks about how to transform insights into tangible retail strategies.

The Beirut International Franchise Forum and Exhibition BIFEX is a yearly event that the LFA has organized since 2011. All six BIFEX editions have been well-received by LFA members, government officials, the private sector, Arab retailers and entrepreneurs, and the media. Each edition attracted almost 500 businessmen and businesswomen per event. The LFA is now delighted to announce the eighth edition, BIFEX 2018. 

BIFEX 2018 will demonstrate that the retail industry, and the brands it comprises, is one of the important engines of economic growth, and is well-placed to play a major role in the hoped-for economic revival of the country. The Forum will present the new ideas, technologies and innovations that Lebanese and Arab companies will need to enhance their competitive advantages. This will also help Lebanon to move forward and reclaim its prominent position as a hub of business, commerce, tourism and culture.

Public Art Project Fake Star

Beluga Founder Richard Wilhelmer at the inauguration of his most recent joint art project with Julius von Bismarck and Benjamin Maus.

Regional Energy Systems Leadership Expo

The Energieavantgarde Anhalt invited to the Regional Energy Systems Leadership Expo on April 11, 2018 in Lutherstadt Wittenberg to discuss with different actors the current state of knowledge of decentralized, renewable and digital energy systems and to learn from success stories together.

Upcoming Exhibitions:
"Im Zweifel für den Zweifel" (Gruppenausstellung) NRW Forum Düsseldorf September 2018



"Anomalie" World Premiere

Richard Wilhelmer and Beluga team member Daniel Haingartner celebrated the premiere of their cinema documentary "Anomalie" in front of a crowded audience at the "Diagonale 18' - Festival of Austrian Film"   Thank you!

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Festival impressions 2018: © Diagonale


Beluga Keynote at YMS - BLN


Beluga founder Edwin Strauss and our client representative Ruwen Warnke from Universal Music Group holding a speech at the YMS Youth Marketing conference in Berlin. They were talking about new approaches towards consumer centric design and progressive research.
Thank you for the inspiring talk and thank you YMS for the kind invitation and facilitation.

YMS Youth Marketing Strategy 2017 - Berlin

YMS Youth Marketing Strategy 2017 - Berlin

Cinema Documentary "Anomalie"

How real is our individually perceived reality and what relevance does this ques- tion have within the make-up of our collective social structures

Richard Wilhelmers shortly to be released cinema documentary accompanies the ‘homeless philosopher’ and ‘professed lunatic’ Fritz Joachim Rudert (alias Leonardell) on his mission to release the mind-controlled masses from their mania. And indeed it may appear that ‘crazy‘ Fritz and his con- federates from the German anti-phsychiatry movement „BPE“ (Bundesverband gegen Psychiatrische Gewalt) achieved some political success.

The inquiries and works by renowned researchers - Allen Frances, Elisabeth Lof- tus, Joscha Bach and Gerhard Roth - exemplify the economic interests, scienti c ambitions and political coherences in and around the world of the human cons- ciousness.

„Anomaly“ is an essayistic lm about the systemic and individual ‘abnormalities’ of the so-called Western World. The result is a cinematic journey that provides an inventory of many fragmented and discursive narratives towards one singular conclusion: “Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems” Epictetus



Talkrunde am kulturinvest kongress 2017


Richard Wilhelmer am kulturinvest kongress 2017 - Vielen Dank Daniela Berglehn für die freundliche Einladung. 

Von der Muse geküsst auf der Suche nach Erkenntnis. Was KünstlerInnen und WissenschaftlerInnen antreibt...

Impulsvortrag von Heike Catherina Mertens
Geschäftsführender Vorstand der Schering Stiftung

Seit Hesiod zünden die Musen als personifizierte Inspiration in Künstlern und Wissenschaftlern jene entscheidenden Funken, die verborgenes Wissen und Kreativität freisetzen, so dass neue Erkenntnisse in die Welt können. Doch das Bild der Muse wirkt seltsam deplatziert im 21. Jh., in dem unbegrenzte digitale Wissensbestände und systematische Innovationsmethoden wie das Design Thinking an die Stelle der göttlichen Eingebung getreten sind. Welche Inspirationsquellen wirken heute in Kunst und Wissenschaft?

anschließende Talkrunde mit Dr. Stephan Muschick, Heike Catherina Mertens, den Künstlern Benjamin Maus und Richard Wilhelmer und dem Wissenschaftler Konrad Boettcher


Am: 10. 11. 2017
Um: 14:15 - 15:45

Causales, KulturInvest-Kongress 2015, Foto: Philipp Sattler

Causales, KulturInvest-Kongress 2015, Foto: Philipp Sattler

Public Face II

Besides his work as a digital artist, beluga co-founder Richard Wilhelmer is driven by his curiosity about future technologies and their social impact. „Public Face II“ is one of his highly acknowledged art works. 

This eight-meter-high smiley face is a sculpture made of steel and neon tubes. It has been exhibited many times on tall, prominent rooftops like Berlin, Vienna, Jönköping, Stuttgart, …

Due to its immense scale, the sculpture becomes part of the skyline, and its varying expressions can be seen from far away. For example, it may seem angry, happy, sad, or surprised. 

The emotions conveyed by the sculpture are based on the facial expressions of local passersby, who are filmed by surveillance cameras. Their facial expressions are then analyzed by software created by the artists that uses algorithms developed by the Fraunhofer Institute.

Julius von Bismarck, Benhamin Maus, Richard Wilhelmer