I have a strong belief that this type of meeting point creates conditions to naturally meet other individuals and organizations, broadening their networks and growing stronger alongside each other, which in turn increases their personal ability to influence the outside world.

— Tomas Björkman


The Ekskäret Foundation

Behind the Co-Creation Loft is the Ekskäret Foundation whose purpose is to be an active co-creator of a sustainable, flourishing and more conscious society. The Foundation's belief is that conscious development contributes to long-term and sustainable development of individuals as well as organizations and society. Klustret and the island Ekskäret are the two arenas where the Foundation operates.


The Ekskäret Foundation also creates and supports various initiatives, conferences, seminars, courses, etc. with the goal of bringing individuals together in exploratory and educational meetings, often with a cross-border perspective. The Foundation works together with selected partners from the business sector, the non-profits and the academia. It is not for profit and non-religious. Read more on the Ekskäret Foundation.

Partners & Clients