We understand human centric design not only from the perspective of customers, but also based on the needs of our clients.

We are keen on clear, understandable output and straight forward integrated workflows.
Well prepared insights and actionable concepts are as important as a solid structure, positive energy and eye-level communication.


Exemplary challenges of our clients:

Co-Creation Workshops

  • Consumer-centric integrative approach: Sensemaking & Knowledge Exchange

  • Moderated Co-Creation/Ideation Process.

  • Develop communication campaign concepts and channel specific content.

  • Expert Idea-Sprints:
    Hands on ideation with leading experts in the relevant fields: We are known for our solid international network of speakers and leading voices in the fields of: automotive, digital/influencer marketing, new ways of working, food, beauty, music and UX-design.



We are not just talking about cultural transformation. We are hands on!

Beluga founder Richard Wilhelmer is driven by his curiosity about future technologies and their social impact.  „Public Face II“ is one of his highly acknowledged digital art works it is exhibited in many cities across Europe.

Public Face II is a joint project from:
Julius von Bismark, Benjamin Maus and Richard Wilhelmer