Some approaches to how we involve our clients in making the audience tangible.


Monitoring Values and Trends
Our dedicated cultural monitoring tool enables us to identify value changes and forecast trends before they become visible. That's a solid base for comparing cultures, generations and target groups.

Co-Creation with Consumers
We bring creative stimuli to consumer workshops and build together collages and We use a wide array of projective and associative techniques that help to go beyond rational thinking and bring brand worlds, emotions and cultural developments to life. 

Shopper Intercepts + Voxpops
We observe shoppers in real-life situations and experience their navigation and decision paths at the spot. We arrange short interviews with them and capture the most insightful quotes on camera to provide an inspiring documentation.

Focus Groups
Our approach is to take our participants on creative journeys. Our moderators are trained to create dynamic and engaged groups that feel natural and deliver real insights and the true consumer voice.


Social Media Listening
We analyze content on social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, forums, reviews on retailer sites, etc.) to understand the current discussion about trends, styles and brands.

Ethnographic Snapshots
We join different people in their everyday life and take a real-time glimpse into their activities, styles and shopping patterns. We engage with them on our easy-to-use mobile platform and have them share comments, photos and video footage. This way we can better understand needs and wishes from the customer perspective.

Inspiration Journeys
We take our clients on a sociocultural safari and explore the life, attitudes and social interaction of people in their familiar environment to understand their ways of thinking. 

In-Depth Interviews
We speak not only with the target, but also with experts, business people, innovators, artists and whoever we think could be helpful in identifying new ways of thinking and providing inspiration from other fields. Our approach is to communicate on an empathetic, sensitive, exploratory but always equal level. We select interviewers with special expertise for particular themes and categories that dig deeper and develop the insights that drive innovation.

We believe that entrepreneurial success goes beyond profit but is driven by a certain spirit.
Here is how we apply our core values to our style of moderation.

We respect different people and their opinions. Therefore, we take people serious and make sure that we create a welcoming and open-minded attitude where everybody is welcome to participate in a constructive manner. 

We always communicate openly on eye-level. It is important for us to be very sensible for moods and atmosphere in the room, as well as for the non-verbal communication including gestures and facial expressions. This enables us to tease out all the relevant and insightful details, even from the quiet participants. We are very experienced in coping professionally with any challenging situation, e.g. when a participant tries to act very dominant. 

All our moderators dive deep into the business context of our clients. This enables to use the given time efficiently to focus on the most relevant topics and explore these in depth and don’t waste time on trivialities and anecdotes.