Our long-term experience in different roles of the traditional R&D funnel has taught us that the traditional means to innovate have become too slow and detached from the user. The pace of trends, innovation and cultural change is growing. Increasingly individualised target groups are becoming more complex and harder to reach.

The lean approach of our human centred innovation methods enables project teams to develop radically innovative solutions in exceptionally short time. One of its success factors is to start seeing the world from the eyes of the user to only tackle meaningful user needs, issues and desires.


We identify the essence and the common base of our products and services. Then we stir and shake these key elements to build new ideas from scratch.


Cross-Category Inspiration
We have a keen eye on what is happening in society and in different markets. Based on that knowledge, we create inspirational materials and challenge the established patterns of thinking in each category.


We create holistic stories from the beginning to the end by assembling all the inspirational materials and insights we gathered on our research and trend journeys.